Our first encounter was on Plenty of Fish.

For those that may not know, Plenty of Fish or more commonly known as POF, is an online dating app, and I feel it is appropriately named. There are tons of people on the site. This makes online dating more fun and exciting because you are exposed to different people and can consistently talk to a variety of people and meet up.

And then sometimes it gets annoying.

One evening I received a message. His profile picture was an extreme close up of his face with his tongue sticking out. It wasn’t an attractive look, but I decided to open his message anyway. After all, he could be joking around as many people tend to do. It was a one word message. All it said was:


I was so disgusted that I immediately deleted the message. He continued to message me “Tasty” repeatedly that evening. Eventually, I was so annoyed that I messaged him to leave me alone. He wouldn't, so I blocked him.

The following evening, I was online and the same profile picture popped up with a message. This time he had a different username, and had messaged me, “Tasty”, again. I reported him and then blocked him. He waited a few days and messaged me yet again. I reported and blocked him again.

At this time, my sister was also on POF, and guess who she got a message from? Yep, from Mr. Tasty himself. She had a brilliant idea; find all of his accounts and message him back. Back then, you could run a basic search based on a particular city and age and it would pull up all profiles that matched. Since he would use the same age, city, and picture with each profile, he should be easy to find. So she typed in these parameters and lo and behold, his profiles showed up. He had over 30 different accounts!

Now it was time to have some fun.

We spent a few minutes messaging each one of these accounts with the simple message of “Tasty”. After 15 messages or so, we started to see the accounts disappearing and/or him blocking our accounts.  You would think that would have stopped this guy from messaging me, but no. For a few months after this, he would still message me.

As of today, I think, he has given up. I haven't received a message from him in a few years. On occasion, I see that he has viewed my profile, but I think he has learned to not message me anymore.

This is why you’re single:

  1. You repeatedly send inappropriate messages…
  2. You don’t understand appropriate social interaction....
  3. You find joy in giving people attention that don’t want it...

I really don't know what this guy thought he was going to accomplish, but I know my sister and I accomplished our mission that night.

What would you have done in my shoes? Let me know in the comments down below.

Secrets don't make friends

Secrets don't make friends

Today I don’t feel like doing anything

Today I don’t feel like doing anything